WOW Kids

Our WOW Kids Program is designed to teach and provide guidance in identifying the 8 dimensions of wellness to youth whose families lack resources and knowledge. We meet with the children to teach them about a dimension of wellness. Afterward, these children partake in an activity that lets them apply what they have just learned. 

*Recommended for grades 2nd – 6th.


We meet with the children in a classroom-like setting for up to 90 minutes. The day starts off with an oral lesson that involves questions and comments. We ask the children questions about the specific phase of wellness they will be learning about to get an idea of their awareness.


After learning about a particular phase of wellness, it is now time to put what they have just learned into action! By doing an experiment with or taking the children to a place that represents the dimension of wellness gives them more insight into that dimension.


As you may know, at this point kids will be hungry. After they have completed the hands-on activity related to the specific phase of wellness we take the children to a restaurant to get refueled with healthy food.