Community fridges are a grassroots response to a dire food insecurity crisis. Being food insecure means that people face the uncertainty of having, or being unable to acquire, enough food due to insufficient money or other resources.

Covid-19 has only amplified and maximized every problem that was here. For all the people who were starving then, more people are hungry now.

We understand that something is better than nothing, but we don’t believe that something can’t be quality. We strive to keep our community fridges stock with healthy and fresh items. By allowing everyone to pick what they want, we minimize food waste.

“One Sunday, when I was working at the Alief fridge at D’Hope Services a Hispanic woman in her mid 40’s came to get some food. I asked her what she needed from the fridge and her answer was “I will take whatever you can give.” As I was filling up her bag with items she started to cry, She said that “it is a huge blessing to her that we were giving the food away. I don’t qualify for food from other food pantries because I don’t have papers. The moment I saw her tears was a very humbling moment for me. It made me feel like this is what I was put on Earth to do. The woman’s tears made me feel in my heart that putting these fridges in the Alief community is a Godsend. And if I can help it these fridges will be here forever.”

The Community Pantry

Every Sunday, we run into a problem where we run out of food. This happens because we are only able to stock the community fridge with so much at once. We decided to develop a concept that wouldn’t require a significant monthly maintenance commitment or impact the carbon footprint in Houston.

We will modify a shipping container that will fit a commercial refrigerator, shelving, sink, and freezer. Everything will be powered by solar.


Candice Adams

Jeff Mohle

Ismelda Rocio Correa

Vanessa Esperanza

Alexia Juarez


Kay Simon

Amanda Spence

Andres Perez

Kenneth Held

Leslie Guevara

Debra Lacy

Robert & Dale Mayerfeld

Leydy Linares Villegas

Kate Magee

Tanzia Karim

Sara Soudavar

Jared Petermeyer

Ruth Hoffman-Lach

Ivanna Crippa

Lauren Moore

Brooks Goodman

George Samuel
Jan Anderson

Wallis Hampton

Fatima Mukhtar

Sarah Marks

Kelsey Monroy

Daniel Mayerfeld

Tara Enders

Gabrielle Boyle

Yesenia Bertl

Matthew Morgan

David Heikkinen